Shopping in Lombok

Lovely Lombok, a scenic tourist destination, housed in Indonesia, scores brownie points with hordes of tourists who troop to sample a slice of what this wondrous locale has to offer. It is a potpourri of ...

Bars & Pubs in Lombok

Bintang is the national beer of Indonesia. It is a pilsner that can be found in the major regions. Another the locally brewed wine is Anker. Arak- rice whisky, Brem- rice wine and Tuak- palm wine are also ...

Nightclubs in Lombok

Lombok, lying east of Bali forms a part of the southern chain of Indonesian archipelago in the Indian Ocean. In spite of being the sister island of Bali, Lombok is different in its culture and ...

Cultural Activities

Unlike on neighbouring Bali, tourism on Lombok is low-key. There are plenty of rustic villages in various stages of cultural preservation that are worth exploring. The mix of Muslim and animist culture ...

Outdoor Activities

Lombok has some excellent natural scenery and a wide range of environments which allow visitors to engage in plenty of outdoor recreation. The island’s beaches and neighbouring Gili Islands provide ...

Lombok Events and Festivals

Lombok, Indonesia offers visitors a rich array of events and festivals throughout the year that highlight its unique cultural identity and history. HotelTravel.com highlights the key events and festivals in ...
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