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Restaurant and coffee

Cafe Alberto Restaurant Lombok

An upsurge in the number of international tourists visiting off the beaten track beaches such as Senggigi has created a demand in the area for good restaurants that cater to the international palate. Many ...

Tropicana Restaurant Lombok

Lombok is currently a tourist hotspot and the favorite destination for most international backpackers. A tranquil and serene island in Indonesia, Lombok’s virgin beaches and dense greenery lend the ...

Taman Restaurant Lombok

Senggigi is a quaint tourist hotspot in Lombok. Most tourists visit Senggigi to soak in the peace and tranquility of the beach area and get a taste of the famous Indonesian ...

Lotus Bay View Restaurant

Welcome to Lombok, the interesting eclectic mixture of muti-ethnicity, opens door to Eastern Indonesia. Sasak, Balinese, Arab and Hindu give the place a discerning concoction, one that adds on to the ...

Dua Em Restaurant Lombok

A trip to Indonesia is incomplete without sampling the delectable local cuisine. Mataram is replete with good restaurants and eateries catering to the tastes of the foreign tourists. However some of these ...

Asmara Restaurant, Lombok

Asmara Restaurant is one of the prime family restaurants in Senggigi, on the Lombok Islands of Indonesia. It is located at a stone's throw from the famous art market at Senggigi. The breathtaking view of the ...
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