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Lombok Events and Festivals

Lombok, Indonesia offers visitors a rich array of events and festivals throughout the year that highlight its unique cultural identity and history. HotelTravel.com highlights the key events and festivals in Lombok from month to month, providing visitors with a huge choice of possible choice to play that once in a lifetime holiday around. Each one brings to life why Lombok is so representative of people from Indonesia.  

Islamic New Year: being a predominantly Islamic island, Lombok’s Muslims celebrate the start of the new year with prayer and readings. Some locals exchange cards and gifts.

Chinese New Year: Lombok’s Chinese community puts on a good show during their traditional New Year. Firecrackers, the colour red and happy families fill many villages. This is a popular time for people to visit relatives and purchase new clothing.

Bau Nyale Festival: Lombok’s most famous and fascinating ritual happens along the south-central beaches when thousands of colourful sea worms are washed ashore due to natural circumstances.

Gendang Beleq Festival: each village sends their version of this traditional musical troupe to this grand gathering to compete and have a good time.
Male’an Sampi: this fun and exciting Lombok tradition pits cattle against each other in a race across a rice paddy, to mark the beginning of the new planting season.

Senggigi Festival: during this week-long event, cultural events take place at Lombok’s main beach area to promote the island’s tourism potential and celebrate its unique art and culture.
Stick Fighting Festival: Senggigi is the best place to see this annual event where men compete with sticks and shields, to show off their strength and agility.

Independence Day: this national holiday marks Indonesia’s freedom from colonialism with fun village games like pole climbing, special cultural performances and other interesting activities.

Ramadan: one of Islam’s major events marks a month-long fast when food, sex, drinking and smoking are banned. Visitors may find that many restaurants and shops are closed during this month.

Idul Fitri Week: marking the end of Ramadan, this festive occasion sees Muslims buy new clothes and get together for a special family meal. Gifts are exchanged and hopes for peace and prosperity are shared.
Takbir Parade: to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the locals of Lombok hold this special parade which is unique to the island.

Lebaran Topat: this important Muslim event is held on the seventh day after Idul Fitri, bringing families together to enjoy traditional topat rice snacks. The beaches south of Senggigi attract the most action.

Mulang Pekelem: Balinese Hindus living on Lombok make a pilgrimage to Lake Segara Arak in Rinjani’s crater to throw offerings into the water on the full moon, creating a fascinating and colourful scene on the volcano.
Perang Topat: Balinese and Sasaks come together at Lingsar Park to pray for another year of good crops and fertility before engaging in a frivolous battle where combatants throw topat rice snacks at each other.
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