Outdoor Activities

Lombok has some excellent natural scenery and a wide range of environments which allow visitors to engage in plenty of outdoor recreation. The island’s beaches and neighbouring Gili Islands provide plenty of water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, surfing and fishing.

Inland, the massive Rinjani volcano beckons able trekkers, and many of Lombok’s jungles are slowly being opened to tourism. Outside of the beach resorts and Rinjani, visitors may need to play a more active role in seeking out and pursuing their recreational desires, but this just adds to the adventure.


Lombok is dotted with sandy beaches all around the island. The resort towns of Kuta and Senggigi are the two most popular and developed beach areas. Kuta has better sand than Senggigi, making it the more popular of the two. Both beaches have plenty of places that rent water sports equipment. If you want a change of scene, there are dozens of nice beaches farther south of Senggigi. If you can make it over to the Gili Islands, you’ll find an even more idyllic beach environment where life moves along at a snail’s pace.
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Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

The Gili Islands off Lombok’s western coast are the best place for snorkelling and diving. There are a number of designated dive sites in the area and plenty of dive shops on Gili Trawangan offering instructions and dives. There are some incredible reefs and marine life around these little islets, including sea turtles and manta rays. Snorkellers are also spoilt for choice, as all three islands are surrounded by shallow coral reefs.
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Lombok’s south coast is the best place on the island to catch waves, offering a less-crowded alternative to riding Bali’s legendary surf breaks. Kuta Beach is a good place to start. Its long sandy bay, Selong Blanak, has several surf breaks when conditions are right, as does Mawan, Mawi and Tampa, which are all in the same area. The reefs which surround Lombok offer decent breaks, but you’ll need to hire a boat to really explore the surfing potential around here. Check out Desert Point to experience Lombok’s most famous surf spot.


Lombok’s sole volcano is a major part of this island’s character. It rises up more than 12,000 feet from the coast, with its summit often shrouded in clouds. One of the most popular and hardcore outdoor excursions on Lombok is to trek to the top of Rinjani volcano, where the hardy are rewarded with mind-boggling views all the way to Bali. In the crater is a picturesque lake named Segara Anak and some natural hot springs in which to soak yourself. It takes about three days to reach the summit and you’ll need to hire an experienced guide, which can be arranged at virtually every guesthouse in Lombok. Shorter treks are offered up the slopes for a taste of the views.
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