There aren’t any particular diseases to be concerned about on Lombok, although malaria is occasionally a problem. Most health-related problems here stem from drinking contaminated water, eating unclean food or getting too much sun.

Tap water shouldn’t be consumed in Lombok. Inexpensive bottled drinking water is readily available all over the island. Also, check your food has been thoroughly cooked before you eat, particularly when eating seafood or meat. Some smaller roadside cafés may not maintain sanitary conditions, so choose where you eat carefully.

If you do get a minor illness during your stay, there are pharmacies in all of the major towns and resort areas which can prescribe you medicine. Some of the more upscale hotels have in-house medical help. If anything serious arises, it’s better to head to Bali or back to your own country. The hospitals on Lombok are adequate, but not up to international standards. It’s highly suggested that all visitors to Lombok buy travel insurance to cover the costs of any unforeseen medical bills.
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