Cafe Alberto Restaurant Lombok

An upsurge in the number of international tourists visiting off the beaten track beaches such as Senggigi has created a demand in the area for good restaurants that cater to the international palate. Many excellent dining facilities and restaurants have sprung up at Lombok in response to this demand.

Thus, tourists to Lombok are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a good restaurant. Café Alberto Restaurant, Lombok is one such restaurant that serves excellent food and is considered a favorite among guests.

Café Alberto is held in high regard for the tasty Italian fare and continental delicacies served here. Pizza is a specialty at the Café Alberto and almost every guest wishes to sample the delectable and authentic pizza available here. An array of delicious pasta also features on the menu. The quality of food here is lauded better than most other restaurants in Lombok. The menu here also includes fresh seafood, cooked in various styles. The seafood is procured from the local markets and the dishes are delicious. Café Alberto is a multi cuisine restaurant and also offers lip smacking Western, Indian and Chinese fare.

The fare at Café Alberto is priced sensibly and thus attracts the natives and tourists alike. The seating arrangements extend to a porch like structure which provides an excellent view of the bay area. A number of seats are arranged along the beach as well and the guests may well indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner here while enjoying the delightful view of the waves. The guests at Café Alberto are treated to a musical extravaganza every Friday and Saturday night. A good band plays and also caters to the guests’ requests. Local dancers too entertain the guests on occasions.

Café Alberto offers a free pick up service within the Senggigi area. When a guest in the area calls, Café Alberto sends across a pick up bus and offers free transport to the restaurant.
Lecircuit 15 jours au cambodge vous emmènera dans une espace fascinante et multiculturelle.