Dua Em Restaurant Lombok

A trip to Indonesia is incomplete without sampling the delectable local cuisine. Mataram is replete with good restaurants and eateries catering to the tastes of the foreign tourists. However some of these restaurants specialize in the authentic Indonesian food especially dishes are indigenous to the Lombok Island.

The Dua Em restaurant of Mataram is one such dining option. Besides an array of delectable Indonesian dishes, the Dua Em's menu highlights Ayam Taliwang, a chicken preparation. Ayam Taliwag is a piece of chicken marinated in the juices of freshly ground spices and barbecued on an open flame. Slow cooking helps retain the natural flavors of the chicken and the seasonings. The chicken is served on a platter of hot steamed rice with a serving of water spinach (kangkung). However guests who are unaccustomed to heavily spiced food may request the chefs to use a little or no chilly at all. The menu also features other authentic Indonesian delicacies such as the local seafood and kangkung (kelor) soup etc. the food is hot and generous helpings of pepper and chilly are used to season the food. Chilly sauce is a main ingredient in most Lombok dishes though guests used to bland fare may request do away with it.

The delightful ambience at the Dua Em restaurant of Mataram in Lombok is indeed mention worthy. The décor is traditional Indonesian and food is served on low bamboo tables. The guests dine seated on the floor or on bamboo mats as in most Indonesian households. Regular tables and chairs are also provided to guests on request. The thickets on the restaurant garden and the dense growth of bushes and shrubs provide an excellent view. The Dua Em Restaurant is located very close to Senggigi and a mere 15 minutes drive will reach you to this famed eatery.

Dining at Dua Em is a pleasure in every sense. The delicious dishes are sure to awaken your provincial taste buds and the toothsome fare is probably the best in the whole of Lombok. The settings add an olde worlde charm to the restaurant.

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