Lotus Bay View Restaurant

Welcome to Lombok, the interesting eclectic mixture of muti-ethnicity, opens door to Eastern Indonesia. Sasak, Balinese, Arab and Hindu give the place a discerning concoction, one that adds on to the popularity of the locale.

Fresh and unkempt the place is a secret chamber where you can chill out and rejuvenate your sun dried brain!

Restaurants and small cafes line the emblazoned main beach road; the Lotus Bay View Restaurant is near Art market, Senggigi Beach. The best stop for gourmet food in Lombok, Lotus Bay View Restaurant awaits to play host to your taste buds! Started from August 2000, and open from eight in the morning to eleven in the night, it is going great guns with a plethora of dishes on offer just for you.

The Lotus View Restaurant is a part of the famed Lotus chain of Restaurants with a seat covering of eighty. The motif on which the restaurant is developed is that of Lotus, illustrated by Javanese themes and traditional Oriental furnishings with an eye for details.

The Restaurant presents you with fantastic views of sunsets along with choicest delicacies. The patrons of this chain of Restaurants swear by its authenticity, prompt service, quality and are a guarantor of its exemplary Hygiene.
So why wait let the oyster show its handsome pearls, have a look at the list of delicacies in its carte du jour!

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