Taman Restaurant Lombok

Senggigi is a quaint tourist hotspot in Lombok. Most tourists visit Senggigi to soak in the peace and tranquility of the beach area and get a taste of the famous Indonesian hospitality.

The main beach road is lined with a number of cafes and eateries vying for attention. These brightly lit and colorful restaurants lend Senggigi a holiday atmosphere. The restaurants at Senggigi offer both continental and traditional Indonesian cuisine for the tourists to sample. Taman Restaurant, Lombok is one such multi cuisine restaurant catering to both western and provincial tastes. Both Indonesian and Continental fare feature on the menu of the Taman Restaurant. The authentic Indonesian cuisine tends to be generously laced with chilly and spices though bland meals can be specially requested by guests. The highlights of the menu at Taman Restaurant include kangkung (water spinach) dishes specially liked by vegetarians and an array of delectable seafood for others. Ayam Taliwag, a spicy chicken preparation is also among the authentic Lombok fare served here.

The structure of the Taman Restaurant is curved and hence provides a proper view of your fellow diners. The seating arrangement is circular too and hence socialization is made easy here. It is easier to be spot the waiters. Taman Restaurant is lauded for the exceptionally guest friendly service. The restaurant has seating in three floors and the guests seated on the upper levels enjoy the view of the main marketplace as they dine.

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Though established much later than many of the restaurants in the region Taman Restaurant has soon made a name for itself due to the helpful attitude of the staff and the culinary skills of the chefs. The prime location of Taman Restaurant (near Senggigi Square Complex) and its proximity to Club Tropicana, one of the well loved night clubs of Senggigi attract a lot of guests. It is advisable to make prior reservations as Taman Restaurant tends to be crowded at all times. The reasonable pricing here also is suitable to those touring Lombok on a shoestring.

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