Tropicana Restaurant Lombok

Lombok is currently a tourist hotspot and the favorite destination for most international backpackers. A tranquil and serene island in Indonesia, Lombok’s virgin beaches and dense greenery lend the region some of the most spectacular views in the world. 

Come tourist season visitors from all over the world make a beeline for the quintessentially beautiful towns of Lombok such as Mataram and Senggigi. Predictably a number of excellent eateries and dining options have sprung up in these areas which cater not only to the palate of these tourists but also to the natives. Tropicana Restaurant of Senggigi In Lombok is one of the well loved restaurants in the region.

Tropicana restaurant has an extensive menu but is predominantly western. The delicious starters include Lumpia (a spring roll), Shrimp Cocktail, Garlic Bread and Toasted Tomato served with Mozzarella Cheese. The soup menu includes Tomato and Basil soup, Tom Yam Gong, a Thai prawn soup and Chicken Corn Soup. The extensive kids menu also caters to those with a lighter appetite and includes chicken nuggets/ fish fingers, Nasi Goreng, the traditional fried rice, pizza or burger served with French fries. Delicious seafood and meat dishes such as steaks make up the main course. Fresh Grilled Snapper Fillet and New Zealand Rosemary Lamb Chop are the highlights of this course. A whiff of spicy Asian delicacies rents the air when dishes such as the special Rejsttafel are served. Tumis Kangkung and Pelecing Kangkung, specialty water spinach dishes Ikan Bakar Sambal Mentah, fish fillet seasoned with traditional spics and Ayam Bakar Taliwang, a spicy barbecued chicken breast form part of the Lombok special dishes on the menu. Pizza is probably the best loved item at Tropicana Restaurant. The wood fired traditional oven and an assortment of vegetarian and non vegetarian toppings are the most wonderful treat for the visitors of this eatery. An array of alluring desserts completes your meal. Tropicana Restaurant boasts of a well equipped bar which serves the best brands of liquors, spirits and alcohol available locally and form the international market.

The ambience at Tropicana Restaurant, Lombok is classy and luxuriant. An excellent band entertains the guests on all days except Sundays. The entire atmosphere is an opulent and luxury laden one. The scrumptious fare and the settings are sure to bring a smile to your face.
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